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Our researchers have access to world-class facilities throughout the country.

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New Zealand Biotron


The New Zealand Biotron is a unique, purpose-built facility for plant, soil and microbe research.

It is owned by the Bio-Protection Research Centre and based at Lincoln University, Canterbury. The facility is an ideal tool for biocontrol, biosecurity and biotechnology research, and is available for external users email to hire.

Simulating ecosystems

Researchers can use the New Zealand Biotron to control a plant’s growing environment above and below ground to study how plants and pests interact under realistic field conditions.

The two-storey facility has six growth chambers on the top floor with air-conditioned rooms underneath each. These rooms have rhizotrons - encased soil samples with access portals - so experiments can be viewed, monitored or manipulated.

The facility is certified Physical Containment 2 (PC2), and can be used for high-risk organisms.

Controlling the environment

The New Zealand Biotron allows precise control of experimental parameters, such as:

  • air temperature (-10-40°C)
  • soil temperature (8-20°C)
  • light (0-1100 μmol per square metre, per second)
  • relative humidity (35-95%)
  • carbon dioxide concentration (ambient to 2000ppm).

Research in the New Zealand Biotron

The New Zealand Biotron can be used for a range of studies including:

  • soil health and ecology
  • high-risk organisms
  • climate change.

Lincoln University Entomology Research Collection

Entomology collection

The Lincoln University Entomology Research Collection is one of New Zealand’s largest and most comprehensive entomological collections, featuring insects and related arthropods from the natural environment as well as those of bioprotection interest. It is hosted by the Bio-Protection Research Centre in Canterbury, New Zealand.

The collection’s specimen holdings are primarily from the New Zealand region. The geographical focus is on the South Island fauna, with substantial collections also from offshore islands including the Chatham Islands, Three Kings Islands and subantarctic island groups. The collection contains comprehensive collections of most insect orders with strengths in beetles, tussock grassland moths and parasitic wasps.

The collection is curated by John Marris.

Collection overview

  • Primarily New Zealand insects, spiders and related arthropods
  • 250,000 pinned insect specimens plus separate slide and ethanol collections
  • Around 60 type specimens
  • The pinned collection is housed in unit tray storage in 1300 Cornell-style drawers.

Aims of the collection

  • To enhance knowledge of New Zealand’s biodiversity.
  • To provide taxonomic expertise and resources for local and international researchers.
  • To develop the collection through continued specimen acquisition.

Access to the collection

Visits and loan requests are welcomed from all bona fide researchers and can be arranged by contacting the Curator John Marris.

Some specimen records are available through the TFBIS (Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information System) on the Landcare Research website:

Collection history

Entomology was taught from the earliest days of Lincoln’s existence. Prof F W Hutton, Professor of Biology at Canterbury College, taught Natural Science from 1880 to 1881. Part of his entomology collection is held in the Entomology Research Museum. The collection proper was established in the late 1960s following the appointment of Roy Harrison as Lincoln’s first Professor of Entomology. The collection grew rapidly from that time, particularly as a result of annual Departmental collecting trips to areas of the country that were poorly known entomologically. These trips ceased in the 1990s but the collection continues to be actively added to through research-related collecting by staff and students.

Lincoln University Seed Research Centre

The Seed Research Centre focuses on research and training in seed science and seed technology, product development and commercialisation.

About the Seed Research Centre

The Lincoln University Seed Research Centre was established in 2009 within the Bio-Protection Research Centre. It is based in Canterbury, the major seed production region of New Zealand.

Seed research

The Centre works closely with leading seed researchers and seed companies. Researchers in the Centre are developing new and innovative:

  • microbial seed treatments
  • advanced seed production systems
  • seed coatings
  • seed-transmitted endophytes.

The Centre specialises in identifying and characterising new biological control agents from microbes and developing them into seed delivered products that can protect plants from attack by pests and diseases.

Training in seed technology

Every year the Centre hosts a three-week Seed Technology Short Course for workers in the seed industry, which involves training in seed production, seed quality and post-harvest seed technologies.

The Centre hosts postgraduate researchers from New Zealand and overseas. Contact Prof John Hampton if you are interested in working in the Seed Research Centre.

Manawatu Microscopy and Imaging Centre

The Manawatu Microscopy & Imaging Centre (MMIC) is a multi-user imaging facility based at Massey University. 

We provide researchers with the latest equipment needed for transmitted light and fluorescence microscopy, electron microscopy and image analysis.

The facilities include:

  • Leica TCS SP5 confocal microscope.
  • FEI Quanta 200 environmental Scanning Electron Microscope with digital image capture and EDAX for elemental analysis
  • Philips CM10 Transmission Electron Microscope with SIS Morada high-resolution digital imaging.
  • Four advanced compound research microscopes with digital image capture for Bright Field, DIC and Phase Contrast, Transmitted Light Microscopy and Widefield Fluorescence.
  • Image analysis suite with a range of software for Quantitative Analysis, image rendering, and preparation for publication or presentation.

Biotron Manager

{Larsen Stuart}


{Marris John}

Key contact

{Hampton John}

Contact Prof John Hampton if you are interested in working in the Seed Research Centre

Key contact

{Scott Barry}

Abbott Mick - Associate Professor
Abidin Sazali - Associate Professor in Finance
Affeld Kathrin - PBRF Editor
Agnew James - Student Liaison Officer
Aldwell Patrick - Academic Director, Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme
Alizadeh Hossein - Research Officer
Allan Sue - Research Metadata Analyst
Allen Warwick - Postdoctoral Fellow
Almond Peter - Associate Professor in Soil Science
Anderson Barbara - PA to the Dean
Andrews Mitchell - Associate Professor in Plant Science
Anthony Patricia - Senior Lecturer in Software and Information Technology
Armstrong Karen - Senior Research Officer
Ash Michelle - Learning Advisor (Careers and Employment)
Ataria Jamie - Senior Lecturer in Ecotoxicology and Wildlife Management, Member of o Te Matapuna
Atijegbe Sylvester Richard - PhD candidate
Babar Tauseef - PhD candidate
Bailey Alison - Professor of Farm Management
Bailey Mark - International Science Advisory Panel member
Barlow Carole - Technician
Barratt Barbara - Principal Scientist
Barrell Graham - Head of Department of Agricultural Sciences; Associate Professor in Animal Physiology
Barthelmeh Mike - Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture, Faculty Academic Manager (Students)
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Bibin George - IT Consultant
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Bicknell Kathryn (Katie) - Senior Lecturer in Economics
Bigsby Hugh - Dean, Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce; Professor in Forest Economics
Black Alistair - Lecturer in Plant Science
Black Amanda - Lecturer
Blakeborough Heather - Academic Co-ordinator and Senior Tutor, University Studies
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Bloomberg Mark - Lecturer in Forestry Management
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Bowring Jacky - Professor of Landscape Architecture
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Brandenburg Carol - Content Advisor
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Brennan Charles - Professor of Food Science
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Broadhurst John - Systems Developer
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Brown Martyn - Project Manager - IT Infrastructure Projects
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Bunt Craig - Associate Professor in Animal Science
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Cameron Caitriona - Head of Department: Academic and Career Skills
Cameron Keith - Professor of Soil Science, Head of Centre for Soil and Environmental Research
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Cameron Trudi - Senior Tutor
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Cohen David - HoD
Coleman Dee - Director, International and Student Engagement
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Collins Ian - Heritage Writer
Combs Tabitha - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Comrie Elisabeth - Student Connection Service Administrator
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Condron Leo - Professor of Biogeochemistry
Cone Malcolm - Honorary Research Associate
Cook Peter Dr - Manager Research and Innovation
Corboy Joanne - Receptionist/Administrator
Cosson Mary - Research Information Manager
Costan Andrei - PhD candidate
Cournane David - Graphic Designer
Cox Murray - Professor of Computational Biology
Creasy Glen - Senior Lecturer in Viticulture
Cresswell Roger - Analytical Services Manager
Cripps-Guazzone Natalia - Tutor - Plant Pathology
Cummings Nicholas - Postdoctoral Fellow
Cunningham Teresa - PA/Administrator
Curran Penny - Alumni and Development Officer
Curran Timothy - Senior Lecturer in Ecology
Dadian Leila - Research Technician
Dalziel Paul - Professor of Economics
Dames Rebecca - Library Assistant, Content and Service Delivery
Dawson Roger - Head of Department: Research Services
Dawson, Alana - Future Leader Schoalrship Programme Co-ordinator/Manager
De Haan Diane - Student Administrator - Study Abroad and Global Mobility
de Lange Isabelle - PhD candidate
De Silva Tracy-Anne - Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in Accounting
de Wit Pierre - International Science Advisory Panel Member
Dean David - Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Dearden Peter - Researcher
Delamore Kristene - Health & Safety Coordinator
Deo Bas - Field Services/Horticulture Services Area Manager
Deuchrass Richard - Athletic Performance Manager
Devlin Pat - Reader (Emeritus)
Di Hong - Professor of Soil and Environmental Science
Dickie Ian - Professor of Microbial Ecology
Dickinson Nicholas - Professor of Ecology
Dickman Marty - International Science Advisory Panel Member
Dijkwel Paul - Senior Lecturer
Doscher Crile - Senior Lecturer in GIS
Doyle Rebecca - Communications Officer
Drage Jean - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Driver Tim - Research Assistant
Du Plooy Andrew - IT Service Desk Analyst
Duncan Ronlyn - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dupont Pierre-Yves - Postdoctoral Fellow
Duter Maria - Research Technician
Eason Charles - Professor of Wildlife Management; Director for the Centre of Wildlife Mangement and Conservation
Eaton Carla - Research Fellow
Edwards Grant - Dean Faculty of Agriculture & Life Sciences; Professor of Dairy Production
Edwards Sarah - Lecturer
Elderton Mark - English Language Tutor
Elliot Catherine - Lecturer
Ene George - Systems Engineer
Esperschuetz Juergen - Researcher/Contract Lecturer
Espiner Stephen - Senior Lecturer
Falconer Crawford - Sir Graeme Harrison Professorial Chair in Global Value Chains and Trade
Falkingham Kath - Applications Administrator
Falloon Richard - Adjunct Professor of Plant Pathology
Fan Carol - Student Administrator
Fineran Peter - Associate Investigator
Fisher David - Senior Lecturer
Fitchett Deborah - Head of Department: Digital Services
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Forbes Sharon - Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Fountain Joanna - Senior Lecturer
Francis Glyn - Board member
Frapwell Andrew - Service Manager
Fraser Sarah - Library Assistant (Content and Service Delivery)
Frater Jillian - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Fuller Caroline - Learning Advisor (Academic Skills)
Fyfe Dianne - PA to Professors Steve Wratten and John Hampton
Gambles Emma - Administrator, Department of Pest-management and Conservation
Gan Christopher - Professor in Accounting and Finance
Ganley Rebecca - Research Leader
Gant Howard - Finance Director
Gardner Alyson - Faculty Finance Manager
Gardner Paul - Senior Lecturer
Gash Alan - Senior Lecturer in Agronomy
Gibbs Jim - Senior Lecturer in Livestock Health and Production
Giddens Cindy - Teaching Advisor
Gidlow Bob - Honorary Associate Professor
Gilchrist Erica - Assistant Lecturer
Gillespie Deborah - Administrator
Gilmore Helen - Educational Designer
Glare Travis - Bio-Protection Research Centre Director and Professor of Applied Entomology
Godsoe William - Lecturer
Goh Annie - International Manager
Goldson Stephen - Professorial Fellow
Gong Hua - ?
Goodey Nicholas - Senior Developer Techo Janitor www Goffer
Gooneratne Ravi - Professor in Toxicology
Gow Adam - Project Manager
Grage Katrin - Research Technician
Green Kimberly - Postdoctoral Fellow
Greenhalgh Jill - Research Officer for Centre of Excellence in Farm Business Management
Greer Andrew - Senior Lecturer in Animal Science
Greer Glen - Senior Research Officer
Gregorini Pablo - Professor Livestock Production
Greig Bruce - Lecturer in Farm Management and Agribusiness
Guenther Meike - Research Fellow
Guo Melissa - Postdoctoral Fellow
Hall Kerry - ITS Administrator
Hamlin Mike - Associate Professor
Hammond Don - Board member
Hammond Sandy - Technician
Hampton Jacinda - HRIS Coordinator
Hampton John - Professor of Seed Technology
Harrison Roland - Associate Professor & Head of Department
Harrop Thomas - Postdoctoral Fellow
Hassall Leanne - Technician
Hay John - Board Chair
He Amanda - Service Delivery Assistant
Health and Safety Coordinator - Health & Safety Coordinator
Hennessy Louise - PhD candidate
Hettiarachchi Dilani Kasundara - PhD candidate
Heyl Jeff - Senior Lecturer in Operations Management
Hickford Jonathan - Professor in Animal Breeding and Genetics
Hill Robert - Principal Research Officer
Hill Warwick - Technician
Hilston Glennis - Senior Administrator and Personal Assistant to Director of Library, Teaching and Learning
Hind Alison - Administration Assistant
Hodge Miriam - Senior Lecturer in Biometrics
Hofmann Rainer - Associate Professor in Plant Biology
Holder Peter - Postdoctoral Fellow
Holmes Lorraine - Departmental Administrator
Holyoake Andrew - Operations Manager
Hu Baiding - Senior Lecturer in Economics
Huddlestone Suzanne - PA to Dean of Commerce/Faculty Secretary
Hughey Ken - Professor of Environmental Management
Hulme Philip - Professor of Plant Biosecurity
Hurnen Kirsty - Business Analyst
Hurren, Kevin - Director, Research Management Office
Hurst Mark - Senior Scientist
Hurunui Kiri - Kairangahau Māori (Māori Research Assistant)
International Recruitment Enquiry - Recruitment Enquiry
Jackson Trevor - Principal Scientist
Jacobs Jeanne - Research Leader - Genomics
Jahn Arno - Systems Engineer
Jarvis Sue - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Jayaraman Jay - Post-Doctoral Fellow
Jenkins Bryan - Professor Bryan Jenkins
Jennifer Pannell - ?
Johnson Janine - Science Support Officer
Johnston Karen - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Jones Eirian - Associate Professor of Plant Pathology and Mycology
Jordan Brian - Professor of Plant Biotechnology
Jose Bethany - PhD candidate
Jung Eunju - Repository Content Delivery Assistant
Kahiya Eldrede - Lecturer in Global Supply Chain Management
Kakhki Ali - PhD candidate
Kandula Janaki - Technical Officer
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Kerr Roslyn - Senior Lecturer & Head of Department
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Kirsopp Danielle - Personal Assistant
Kissling Chris - Emeritus Professor
Kobayashi Koji - Lecturer
Kuchar Michal - PhD candidate
Kulasiri Don - Professor of Computational Modelling and Systems Biology
Kwan Brian - Laboratory Manager
Larsen Stuart - NZ Biotron Manager
Lee Jaeseung - MHSc candidate
Lees Nic - Senior Lecturer, Agribusiness Management
Lehto Niklas - Senior Lecturer
Lewis Kai - MSc candidate
Li Jin-hua - Research Technician
Li Zhaohua - Senior Lecturer in Finance
Lin Yingjie (Cory) - Educational Designer
Lister Alison - Learning Advisor (Mathematics and Statistics)
Lizamore Darrell - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Lockhart Peter - Principal Investigator
Lodge Damian - Director: Library, Teaching and Learning and University Librarian
Logan Chris - Lecturer in Animal Science, Animal Programme Manager, Manager Flock-Linc
Logan Hugh - Visiting Research Associate
Lokuliyanage Kethsiri - Analytical Services Technician
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Luhrs Anna - Group Exercise Manager/Fitness Consultant
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Lyne Christine - Research Accountant
Lyne Michael - Associate Professor in International Rural Development
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Magson Peter - Recreation Centre and Sport Scholarship Manager
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Mandley Ian - Infrastucture Manager
Manna Valerie - Senior Lecturer
Mansfield Sarah - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Mardle Shona - School Administrator / Secretary
Mark-Shadbolt Melanie - Maori Research & Development Coordinator
Marris John - Curator, Entomology Research Collection
Martin Sandra - Adjunct Associate Professor - Agribusiness for Development, LUCID (Lincoln University's Centre for International Development)
Martoni Francesco - PhD candidate
Martyn Liz - PBRF Editor
Mason Susan - Senior Lecturer
Mather Rosemary - Team Leader Service Delivery
Matunga Hirini - Professor of Maori and Indigenous Development
Maxwell Thomas (Tom) - Postdoctoral Fellow
Mayes Rochelle - Assistant Faculty Administrator
McAnulty Robin - Technical Officer
McDonagh John - Associate Professor in Property Studies
McDonald Sian - Teaching and Research Content Administrator
McDougal Rebecca - Researcher
McDowell Richard - Professor in Soil and Water Quality
McGill Faye - Conference and Professional Development Manager
McKenzie Bruce - Chief Academic Officer; Professor of Agronomy
McLarty Jim - Tutor
McLenaghen Roger - Senior Tutor
McWilliam Wendy - Lecturer
Meechang Terry - Head of Department: Teaching Quality
Memon Ali - Emeritus Professor
Mendoza-Mendoza Artemio - Research Officer
Merrick Norma - Molecular Technician
Mesarich Carl - Lecturer in Plant Pathology
Miller Sini - Research Associate
Mills Annamaria - Postdoctoral Fellow
Mohssen Magdy - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Moir Jim - Associate Professor
Montgomery Roy - Senior Lecturer
Moody Gary - Communications Officer
Moore Kevin - Associate Professor
Moot Derrick J - Professor in Plant Science
Morelissen Bionda - Research Technician
Morley-Bunker Michael - Senior Lecturer in Horticulture
Morris Peter - Project Manager/Business Analyst
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Muhammad Khalid - Assistant Lecturer Sports Training and Kinesiology Dept
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Nimmo Katie - Research Manager
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Nourozi Fariba - Research Technician / Laboratory Manager
Nunes Leite Luciano - PhD candidate
Nuthall Peter - Research Fellow
OCallaghan Maureen - Programme Leader
OConnell Dean - Learning Advisor (Maths and Stats)
Olaniyan Shola - Postdoctoral Fellow
Old Kevin - Senior Lecturer in Farm Management Research
On Stephen - Associate Professor in Food Microbiology
ONeil Barry - Board member, CE of Kiwifruit Vine Health
Padilla Arizmendi Fabiola - PhD candidate
Page Shannon - Head of Department - Environmental Management, Lecturer
Parker Amber - Senior Lecturer in Viticulture
Parker Martin - Systems Engineer
Parr Wendy - Principal Research Officer
Parton Rebekah - Project Coordinator
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Pearson Mike - Professor of Plant Pathology
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Ratna Nazmun - Senior Lecturer in Economics
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Rivas Franco Federico - PhD candidate
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RodaFabregas Norma - PBRF Administrator
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Ronald Gregor - Blended Learning Support
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Roskruge Nick - Maori Champion
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Royds Don - Senior Tutor
Rui Zheng - IT Service Desk Specialist
Rutherford Paul - Research Assistant
Ryan Greg - Dean, Faculty of Environment Society and Design
Safa Majeed - Senior Lecturer in Agricultural Engineering
Samarasinghe Sandhya - Professor of Complex Systems Modelling
Saunders Caroline - Director
Saunders John - Research Officer
Savage Geoffrey - Associate Professor in Food Biochemistry
Sawada Miyoko - Undergraduate Administrator (International)
Schappi Linda - Content Selection & Acquisitions (Serials) Coordinator
Schoof Marion - PhD candidate
Schulze-Ehlers Birgit - Senior Lecturer
Scott Barry - Theme Leader
Scott Peter - Researcher
Security - Security Officer
Serventi Luca - Assistant Lecturer
Seyedalikhani Salome - PhD student
Sheppard Andy - International Science Advisory Panel Member
Shields Morgan - PhD candidate
Shields Tracey - PA to Dean/Faculty Administrator
Shillito David - Lecturer in Horticultural Management
Simmons David - Professor
Sinton Katy - Inclusive Education Co-ordinator
Sitter Lesley - PhD candidate
Skelly John - PhD Candidate
Skelton Peter - Honorary Professor
Skinner Erin - Records and Research Data Analyst
Smart Sue - Scholarships Officer
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Smith Hoani - Strength and Conditioning Coach + Fitness Consultant
Smith Jayne - Community Fitness Consultant
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Smith Mark - Administration Coordinator
Smith Neil - Technical Officer
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Smith Vikki - PhD Research
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Sprague Rowan - PhD candidate
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Stark Christine - Postdoctoral Fellow
Steel Gary - Senior Lecturer
Stevens Philippa - General Manager - Science
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Steyaert Johanna - Research Officer
Streat Daryl - Head of Programme
Student Administration - Contact
Student Association (LUSA) - Student Association (LUSA)
Student Liaison - Student Liaison Contact
Sullivan Jon - Senior Lecturer in Ecology
Sun Jeff - Director of Greater China
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Swaffield Simon - Professor of Landscape Architecture
Tait Peter - Senior Research Officer
Tavares Silvia - Assistant Lecturer
Tavinor Grant - Senior Lecturer
Taylor Fiona - Applications Group Manager
Taylor Hadrian - Learning Advisor (Information Delivery)
Taylor Nick - Adjunct Senior Lecture
Tee Claire - Financial Administrator
Templeton Matt - Theme Leader
Tescos Nicos - Senior Tutor
Teulon Dave - Director of Better Border Biosecurity (B3)
Thomas Anisha - Alumni and Development Officer
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Thomson Jaime - Student Liaison Manager
Thurston Josh - PhD candidate
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Timetable Administrator - Timetable Administrator
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Tiwari Sundar - PhD candidate
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Torky Amal - Department Secretary
Torres Mankiewicz Ursula Alicja - PhD Candidate
Tourtellot Samuel - PhD candidate
Trafford Guy - HOD for the Department of Land Management and Systems, Lecturer in Farm Management and Agribusiness
Trafford Sue - Lecturer in Business Communication
Trent Miles - Lecturer in Information Systems and Academic Programme Manager (Students)
Tritt Sarah - Research Advisor (Postgraduate Liaison)
Tylianakis Jason - Principal Investigator
Vallance Suzanne - Lecturer in Urban Studies
Van Dijk Judith - Tutor
Van Heerden Jakobus - Senior Lecturer
Vance Nancy - Lecturer
Vaughan Amy - PhD candidate
Verwoerd Wynand - Senior Lecturer
Vidwans Mohini - Lecturer
Vitousek Peter - International Science Advisory Panel Member
Voon Quck Choi - Database Administrator
Wainer Ralph - PhD candidate
Waipara Nick - Maori Champion
Wakelin Angela - Research Technician
Wakelin Steve - Researcher
Wales David - Senior Tutor University Studies
Walker Glen - Head of Department: Library and Information Services
Waller Lauren - Postdoctoral Fellow
Ward Julie - Administrator
Ward Maurice - Teaching Advisor (Educational Design)
Watson Connor - PhD candidate
Watson Heather - LHL catering manager
Webster-Brown Jenny - Director, Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management
Welford Anne - Postgraduate Administrator
Wesener Andreas - Senior Lecturer in Urban Design
Westbrooke Victoria - Senior Lecturer in Agricultural Management and Agribusiness
Whitehead Jay - Research Officer
Williams Lana - Undergraduate Administrator (Domestic)
Williams Nari - Researcher
Wilson Mark - Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management
Wilson Robyn - Faculty Postgraduate Administrator / Departmental Secretary
Wilson Sandy - Personal Assistant
Winefield Christopher - Senior Lecturer in Plant Molecular Biology
Winkworth Richard - Senior Lecturer
Winter David - Postdoctoral Fellow
Woodhead Ian - Chief Scientist and Group Manager of Lincoln Agritech’s Technology Group
Worner Sue - Honorary Associate Professor
Wratten Steve - Professor of Ecology
Yardley Jessica - PhD candidate
Yeung Patrick - International Operations Manager
Zahraie Babak - Research Data Analyst
Zhao Yanan - Digital Services Analyst
Zhou Huitong - Principal Research Officer
Lincoln University website redevelopment project 2014
Nick Goodey - C# back end and SharePoint Developer
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Karaitiana Taiuru - Web Developer SharePoint administrator
Ting Wu - Front end Developer
Jeremy Baker - Senior managment
Tafflyn Bradford-James Marketing director
Richard Corby - Project manager
Pikselin - primary partner, web designers, UX design