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Abbott Mick - Associate Professor
Abidin Sazali - Associate Professor in Finance
Affeld Kathrin - PBRF Editor
Agnew James - Student Liaison Officer
Aldwell Patrick - Academic Director, Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme
Alizadeh Hossein - Research Officer
Allan Sue - Research Metadata Analyst
Allen Warwick - Postdoctoral Fellow
Almond Peter - Associate Professor in Soil Science
Anderson Barbara - PA to the Dean
Andrews Mitchell - Associate Professor in Plant Science
Anthony Patricia - Senior Lecturer in Software and Information Technology
Armstrong Karen - Senior Research Officer
Ash Michelle - Learning Advisor (Careers and Employment)
Ataria Jamie - Senior Lecturer in Ecotoxicology and Wildlife Management, Member of o Te Matapuna
Atijegbe Sylvester Richard - PhD candidate
Babar Tauseef - PhD candidate
Bailey Alison - Professor of Farm Management
Bailey Mark - International Science Advisory Panel member
Barlow Carole - Technician
Barratt Barbara - Principal Scientist
Barrell Graham - Head of Department of Agricultural Sciences; Associate Professor in Animal Physiology
Barthelmeh Mike - Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture, Faculty Academic Manager (Students)
Bartlett Llewellyn - Senior Service Desk Analyst
Bartlett Nicole - Content & Service Delivery Assistant
Beale Nigel - Technician
Beavon Annette - University Studies Senior Tutor
Becker Julian - International Manager
Behiniwal Gurvinder - Service Desk Analyst
Bendall Lynne - Tutor
Berry Daniel - Postdoctoral Fellow
Bertram Janet - Senior Tutor
Bibin George - IT Consultant
Bickerstaffe Roy - Emeritus Professor
Bicknell Kathryn (Katie) - Senior Lecturer in Economics
Bigsby Hugh - Dean, Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce; Professor in Forest Economics
Black Alistair - Lecturer in Plant Science
Black Amanda - Lecturer
Blakeborough Heather - Academic Co-ordinator and Senior Tutor, University Studies
Blond Celine - Research Technician
Bloomberg Mark - Lecturer in Forestry Management
Blythe Janelle - Customer Experience Project Manager
Boereboom Tracy - Service Desk
Bong Wen (Jonas) - Service Delivery Assistant
Boniface Stacey - Teaching and Research Content Administrator and Learning Advisor (Academic Skills)
Boot Royston - Information Security Officer
Bourdot Graeme - Principal Scientist
Bowie Mike - Senior Tutor - Ecology
Bowring Jacky - Professor of Landscape Architecture
Boyce Sally - Customer Service
Boyle Michelle - Research Contracts Manager
Bradley Ellie - MSc candidate
Bradshaw Rosie - Professor of Genetics
Brandenburg Carol - Content Advisor
Breitmeyer Jason - Technician
Brennan Charles - Professor of Food Science
Brien Anthony - Senior Lecturer in Business and Hotel Management
Broadhurst John - Systems Developer
Brockerhoff Eckehard - Principal Scientist
Brookes Jenny - Research technician
Broughton Douglas - Postgraduate Administrator
Brown Barbara - Research Assistant
Brown Callum - Fitness Consultant
Brown Martyn - Project Manager - IT Infrastructure Projects
Bryant Racheal - Lecturer in Animal Science
Buckley Penny - Customer Services
Bufford Jennifer - Postdoctoral Fellow
Bulman Lindsay - Science Leader
Bulman Simon - Researcher
Bunt Craig - Associate Professor in Animal Science
Burtt Elizabeth - Senior Tutor in Farm Management
Bush Natalie - Research Administrator
Bywater Tony - Professor of Agricultural Systems
Calvert Dianne - Senior Graphic Designer
Cameron Caitriona - Head of Department: Academic and Career Skills
Cameron Keith - Professor of Soil Science, Head of Centre for Soil and Environmental Research
Cameron Russell - Senior Lecturer in Farm Management
Cameron Trudi - Senior Tutor
Campbell Ashley - Communications Officer
Campbell Bruce - Board member
Campbell Graeme - Sports Coordinator
Candy Alyesha - MSc candidate
Cargill Andre - Systems Engineer
Carlin Thomas - PhD candidate
Carpenter Lloyd - Senior Lecturer in Māori Studies
Casanovas Paula - Postdoctoral Fellow
Casonato Seona - Senior Lecturer in Plant Pathology
Catering Manager - Catering Manager
Chai Zhao-Xiang (Josh) - Research Technician
Charters Stuart - Senior Lecturer in Software and Information Technology
Chau Henry - Lecturer in Environmental Physics
Chen Star - Web Developer
Cheng Long (Paul) - Agmardt Postdoctoral Fellow
Cheong Carol - Senior Lecturer
Chettri Pranav - Postdoctoral Fellow
Christey Mary - Honorary Research Fellow
Civil Defence Emergency Contact - Civil Defence Emergency Contact
Clark Nicola - Undergraduate Administrator
Clayton Megan - Academic Programme Manager
Clemes Michael - Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Clemes Sue - Teaching Advisor (Evaluations, e-Learning)
Clough Tim - Professor of Environmental Biogeochemistry
Clydesdale Greg - Senior Lecturer
Cohen David - HoD
Coleman Dee - Director, International and Student Engagement
Coleman Patrick - Academic Co-ordinator and Senior Tutor
Collings Michelle - Admin Support
Collins Ian - Heritage Writer
Combs Tabitha - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Comrie Elisabeth - Student Connection Service Administrator
Comrie Paul - Customer Administrator
Condron Leo - Professor of Biogeochemistry
Cone Malcolm - Honorary Research Associate
Cook Peter Dr - Manager Research and Innovation
Corboy Joanne - Receptionist/Administrator
Cosson Mary - Research Information Manager
Costan Andrei - PhD candidate
Cournane David - Graphic Designer
Cox Murray - Professor of Computational Biology
Creasy Glen - Senior Lecturer in Viticulture
Cresswell Roger - Analytical Services Manager
Cripps-Guazzone Natalia - Tutor - Plant Pathology
Cummings Nicholas - Postdoctoral Fellow
Cunningham Teresa - PA/Administrator
Curran Penny - Alumni and Development Officer
Curran Timothy - Senior Lecturer in Ecology
Dadian Leila - Research Technician
Dalziel Paul - Professor of Economics
Dames Rebecca - Library Assistant, Content and Service Delivery
Dawson Roger - Head of Department: Research Services
Dawson, Alana - Future Leader Schoalrship Programme Co-ordinator/Manager
De Haan Diane - Student Administrator - Study Abroad and Global Mobility
de Lange Isabelle - PhD candidate
De Silva Tracy-Anne - Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in Accounting
de Wit Pierre - International Science Advisory Panel Member
Dean David - Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Dearden Peter - Researcher
Delamore Kristene - Health & Safety Coordinator
Deo Bas - Field Services/Horticulture Services Area Manager
Deuchrass Richard - Athletic Performance Manager
Devlin Pat - Reader (Emeritus)
Di Hong - Professor of Soil and Environmental Science
Dickie Ian - Professor of Microbial Ecology
Dickinson Nicholas - Professor of Ecology
Dickman Marty - International Science Advisory Panel Member
Dijkwel Paul - Senior Lecturer
Doscher Crile - Senior Lecturer in GIS
Doyle Rebecca - Communications Officer
Drage Jean - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Driver Tim - Research Assistant
Du Plooy Andrew - IT Service Desk Analyst
Duncan Ronlyn - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dupont Pierre-Yves - Postdoctoral Fellow
Duter Maria - Research Technician
Eason Charles - Professor of Wildlife Management; Director for the Centre of Wildlife Mangement and Conservation
Eaton Carla - Research Fellow
Edwards Grant - Dean Faculty of Agriculture & Life Sciences; Professor of Dairy Production
Edwards Sarah - Lecturer
Elderton Mark - English Language Tutor
Elliot Catherine - Lecturer
Ene George - Systems Engineer
Esperschuetz Juergen - Researcher/Contract Lecturer
Espiner Stephen - Senior Lecturer
Falconer Crawford - Sir Graeme Harrison Professorial Chair in Global Value Chains and Trade
Falkingham Kath - Applications Administrator
Falloon Richard - Adjunct Professor of Plant Pathology
Fan Carol - Student Administrator
Fineran Peter - Associate Investigator
Fisher David - Senior Lecturer
Fitchett Deborah - Head of Department: Digital Services
Flynn Victoria - Teaching Technician
Forbes Sharon - Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Fountain Joanna - Senior Lecturer
Francis Glyn - Board member
Frapwell Andrew - Service Manager
Fraser Sarah - Library Assistant (Content and Service Delivery)
Frater Jillian - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Fuller Caroline - Learning Advisor (Academic Skills)
Fyfe Dianne - PA to Professors Steve Wratten and John Hampton
Gambles Emma - Administrator, Department of Pest-management and Conservation
Gan Christopher - Professor in Accounting and Finance
Ganley Rebecca - Research Leader
Gant Howard - Finance Director
Gardner Alyson - Faculty Finance Manager
Gardner Paul - Senior Lecturer
Gash Alan - Senior Lecturer in Agronomy
Gibbs Jim - Senior Lecturer in Livestock Health and Production
Giddens Cindy - Teaching Advisor
Gidlow Bob - Honorary Associate Professor
Gilchrist Erica - Assistant Lecturer
Gillespie Deborah - Administrator
Gilmore Helen - Educational Designer
Glare Travis - Bio-Protection Research Centre Director and Professor of Applied Entomology
Godsoe William - Lecturer
Goh Annie - International Manager
Goldson Stephen - Professorial Fellow
Gong Hua - ?
Goodey Nicholas - Senior Developer Techo Janitor www Goffer
Gooneratne Ravi - Professor in Toxicology
Gow Adam - Project Manager
Grage Katrin - Research Technician
Green Kimberly - Postdoctoral Fellow
Greenhalgh Jill - Research Officer for Centre of Excellence in Farm Business Management
Greer Andrew - Senior Lecturer in Animal Science
Greer Glen - Senior Research Officer
Gregorini Pablo - Professor Livestock Production
Greig Bruce - Lecturer in Farm Management and Agribusiness
Guenther Meike - Research Fellow
Guo Melissa - Postdoctoral Fellow
Hall Kerry - ITS Administrator
Hamlin Mike - Associate Professor
Hammond Don - Board member
Hammond Sandy - Technician
Hampton Jacinda - HRIS Coordinator
Hampton John - Professor of Seed Technology
Harrison Roland - Associate Professor & Head of Department
Harrop Thomas - Postdoctoral Fellow
Hassall Leanne - Technician
Hay John - Board Chair
He Amanda - Service Delivery Assistant
Health and Safety Coordinator - Health & Safety Coordinator
Hennessy Louise - PhD candidate
Hettiarachchi Dilani Kasundara - PhD candidate
Heyl Jeff - Senior Lecturer in Operations Management
Hickford Jonathan - Professor in Animal Breeding and Genetics
Hill Robert - Principal Research Officer
Hill Warwick - Technician
Hilston Glennis - Senior Administrator and Personal Assistant to Director of Library, Teaching and Learning
Hind Alison - Administration Assistant
Hodge Miriam - Senior Lecturer in Biometrics
Hofmann Rainer - Associate Professor in Plant Biology
Holder Peter - Postdoctoral Fellow
Holmes Lorraine - Departmental Administrator
Holyoake Andrew - Operations Manager
Hu Baiding - Senior Lecturer in Economics
Huddlestone Suzanne - PA to Dean of Commerce/Faculty Secretary
Hughey Ken - Professor of Environmental Management
Hulme Philip - Professor of Plant Biosecurity
Hurnen Kirsty - Business Analyst
Hurren, Kevin - Director, Research Management Office
Hurst Mark - Senior Scientist
Hurunui Kiri - Kairangahau Māori (Māori Research Assistant)
International Recruitment Enquiry - Recruitment Enquiry
Jackson Trevor - Principal Scientist
Jacobs Jeanne - Research Leader - Genomics
Jahn Arno - Systems Engineer
Jarvis Sue - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Jayaraman Jay - Post-Doctoral Fellow
Jenkins Bryan - Professor Bryan Jenkins
Jennifer Pannell - ?
Johnson Janine - Science Support Officer
Johnston Karen - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Jones Eirian - Associate Professor of Plant Pathology and Mycology
Jordan Brian - Professor of Plant Biotechnology
Jose Bethany - PhD candidate
Jung Eunju - Repository Content Delivery Assistant
Kahiya Eldrede - Lecturer in Global Supply Chain Management
Kakhki Ali - PhD candidate
Kandula Janaki - Technical Officer
Kandula Wadia - Technical Officer
Kemp Peter - Board member
Kerr Dayle - Content & Service Delivery Assistant
Kerr Geoff - Professor of Environmental Economics
Kerr Roslyn - Senior Lecturer & Head of Department
Khan Khan Mir - PhD candidate
Kirsopp Danielle - Personal Assistant
Kissling Chris - Emeritus Professor
Kobayashi Koji - Lecturer
Kuchar Michal - PhD candidate
Kulasiri Don - Professor of Computational Modelling and Systems Biology
Kwan Brian - Laboratory Manager
Larsen Stuart - NZ Biotron Manager
Lee Jaeseung - MHSc candidate
Lees Nic - Senior Lecturer, Agribusiness Management
Lehto Niklas - Senior Lecturer
Lewis Kai - MSc candidate
Li Jin-hua - Research Technician
Li Zhaohua - Senior Lecturer in Finance
Lin Yingjie (Cory) - Educational Designer
Lister Alison - Learning Advisor (Mathematics and Statistics)
Lizamore Darrell - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Lockhart Peter - Principal Investigator
Lodge Damian - Director: Library, Teaching and Learning and University Librarian
Logan Chris - Lecturer in Animal Science, Animal Programme Manager, Manager Flock-Linc
Logan Hugh - Visiting Research Associate
Lokuliyanage Kethsiri - Analytical Services Technician
London Howard - MSc candidate
Long Sharon - Senior Tutor in Software and Information Technology
Lucock Sharon - Lecturer in Agribusiness Management
Luhrs Anna - Group Exercise Manager/Fitness Consultant
Lunam Marcelle - Teaching Advisor (Video and Social Media Specialist)
LUSA Association Manager - LUSA Association Manager
Lyne Christine - Research Accountant
Lyne Michael - Associate Professor in International Rural Development
Macdonald Amrapali - Lecturer in Law
Mackay Michael - Senior Lecturer
Mackintosh Myles - Technician
Maclean Gillis - Senior Lecturer in Economics
Magson Peter - Recreation Centre and Sport Scholarship Manager
Makiola Andreas - PhD candidate
Mander Carolyn - Research Advisor
Mandley Ian - Infrastucture Manager
Manna Valerie - Senior Lecturer
Mansfield Sarah - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Mardle Shona - School Administrator / Secretary
Mark-Shadbolt Melanie - Maori Research & Development Coordinator
Marris John - Curator, Entomology Research Collection
Martin Sandra - Adjunct Associate Professor - Agribusiness for Development, LUCID (Lincoln University's Centre for International Development)
Martoni Francesco - PhD candidate
Martyn Liz - PBRF Editor
Mason Susan - Senior Lecturer
Mather Rosemary - Team Leader Service Delivery
Matunga Hirini - Professor of Maori and Indigenous Development
Maxwell Thomas (Tom) - Postdoctoral Fellow
Mayes Rochelle - Assistant Faculty Administrator
McAnulty Robin - Technical Officer
McDonagh John - Associate Professor in Property Studies
McDonald Sian - Teaching and Research Content Administrator
McDougal Rebecca - Researcher
McDowell Richard - Professor in Soil and Water Quality
McGill Faye - Conference and Professional Development Manager
McKenzie Bruce - Chief Academic Officer; Professor of Agronomy
McLarty Jim - Tutor
McLenaghen Roger - Senior Tutor
McWilliam Wendy - Lecturer
Meechang Terry - Head of Department: Teaching Quality
Memon Ali - Emeritus Professor
Mendoza-Mendoza Artemio - Research Officer
Merrick Norma - Molecular Technician
Mesarich Carl - Lecturer in Plant Pathology
Miller Sini - Research Associate
Mills Annamaria - Postdoctoral Fellow
Mohssen Magdy - Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Moir Jim - Associate Professor
Montgomery Roy - Senior Lecturer
Moody Gary - Communications Officer
Moore Kevin - Associate Professor
Moot Derrick J - Professor in Plant Science
Morelissen Bionda - Research Technician
Morley-Bunker Michael - Senior Lecturer in Horticulture
Morris Peter - Project Manager/Business Analyst
Morrison Paula - Academic Quality and Policy Manager
Morton James - Assoc Prof in Protein Biochemistry
Muhammad Khalid - Assistant Lecturer Sports Training and Kinesiology Dept
Munir Kiran - Copyright and Content Repository Advisor
Murphy Elaine - Adjunct Associate Professor
Murray Craig - Services Delivery Coordinator
Nahkies Brent - Senior Lecturer
Narciso Jo - Research Technician
Nartea Gilbert - Senior Lecturer
Nboyine Jerry - PhD candidate
Nelson Tracey - Health, Safety and Compliance Manager
Nettle Siobhan - Student Connection Services Manager
Newman Bernard - Winery and Vineyard Manager
Nguyen Cuong Cao - Lecturer in Finance
Nguyen Nghia Thi - PhD candidate
Nicholson Craig - Learning Advisor and PASS Coordinator
Nilipour Azadeh - Lecturer in Accounting
Nimmo Katie - Research Manager
Nixon Laura - PhD candidate
Nogueira Lopez Guillermo - PhD candidate
Nourozi Fariba - Research Technician / Laboratory Manager
Nunes Leite Luciano - PhD candidate
Nuthall Peter - Research Fellow
OCallaghan Maureen - Programme Leader
OConnell Dean - Learning Advisor (Maths and Stats)
Olaniyan Shola - Postdoctoral Fellow
Old Kevin - Senior Lecturer in Farm Management Research
On Stephen - Associate Professor in Food Microbiology
ONeil Barry - Board member, CE of Kiwifruit Vine Health
Padilla Arizmendi Fabiola - PhD candidate
Page Shannon - Head of Department - Environmental Management, Lecturer
Parker Amber - Senior Lecturer in Viticulture
Parker Martin - Systems Engineer
Parr Wendy - Principal Research Officer
Parton Rebekah - Project Coordinator
Paterson Adrian - Head of Department, Associate Professor
Paterson Deborah - Customer Service
Paterson Sue - Administrator
Pearson Marian - Administrator
Pearson Mike - Professor of Plant Pathology
Petelo Lorraine - Director University Studies and English Language
Peters Helen - Research Fellow
Phillips Craig - Senior scientist
Pickett Tenille - Unknown
Pitman Andrew - Honorary Adjunct Lecturer
Plangsrisakul Tipsukon - Payroll
Podolyan Andriy - Research Officer
Pollock Keith - Technician
Powell Grant - Manager, The Linc
Premaratne Manjula - Technical Officer
Puertolas Alexandra - Postdoctoral Fellow
Purcell Robyn - Administrator
Radford Jack - Project Leader
Rae Jess - Assistant Lecturer
Rashid Muhammad -
Ratna Nazmun - Senior Lecturer in Economics
Rayl Ryan - PhD candidate
Reader Jill - Programme Director, Diploma Programmes
Reeves Ann - Tutor
Reid Rob - Desktop Consultant
Reilly Stuart - IT Director
Rennie Hamish - Associate Professor (Planning); Director of Professional Planning Programmes; Director of Postgraduate Studies in Disaster Risk and Resilience
Renwick Alan - HoD
Rey Campa Aroa - PhD candidate
Rich Karl - Associate Professor of Agribusiness and International Development
Richardson Janine - Educational Designer
Ridgway Hayley - Scientist
Riley Karyn - PBRF Research Content Administrator
Ritson Neil - Senior Lecturer in Business Management
Rivas Franco Federico - PhD candidate
Roberts Lin - Senior Lecturer
RodaFabregas Norma - PBRF Administrator
Roige Mariona - PhD Candidate
Ronald Gregor - Blended Learning Support
Rose Stuart - Contract Lecturer
Rosin Christopher - Senior Lecturer
Roskruge Nick - Maori Champion
Ross James - Senior Lecturer in Biometrics and Wildlife Management
Rostas Michael - Senior Lecturer
Roudaki Jamal - Senior Lecturer
Royds Don - Senior Tutor
Rui Zheng - IT Service Desk Specialist
Rutherford Paul - Research Assistant
Ryan Greg - Dean, Faculty of Environment Society and Design
Safa Majeed - Senior Lecturer in Agricultural Engineering
Samarasinghe Sandhya - Professor of Complex Systems Modelling
Saunders Caroline - Director
Saunders John - Research Officer
Savage Geoffrey - Associate Professor in Food Biochemistry
Sawada Miyoko - Undergraduate Administrator (International)
Schappi Linda - Content Selection & Acquisitions (Serials) Coordinator
Schoof Marion - PhD candidate
Schulze-Ehlers Birgit - Senior Lecturer
Scott Barry - Theme Leader
Scott Peter - Researcher
Security - Security Officer
Serventi Luca - Assistant Lecturer
Seyedalikhani Salome - PhD student
Sheppard Andy - International Science Advisory Panel Member
Shields Morgan - PhD candidate
Shields Tracey - PA to Dean/Faculty Administrator
Shillito David - Lecturer in Horticultural Management
Simmons David - Professor
Sinton Katy - Inclusive Education Co-ordinator
Sitter Lesley - PhD candidate
Skelly John - PhD Candidate
Skelton Peter - Honorary Professor
Skinner Erin - Records and Research Data Analyst
Smart Sue - Scholarships Officer
Smith Carol - Senior Lecturer in Soil Science
Smith Hoani - Strength and Conditioning Coach + Fitness Consultant
Smith Jayne - Community Fitness Consultant
Smith Malcolm - Technician
Smith Mark - Administration Coordinator
Smith Neil - Technical Officer
Smith Steve - Chancellor
Smith Vikki - PhD Research
Soboleva Anna - International Officer
Spellerberg Ian - Emeritus Professor
Sprague Rowan - PhD candidate
Stalker Diane - Receptionist/Administrator
Stark Christine - Postdoctoral Fellow
Steel Gary - Senior Lecturer
Stevens Philippa - General Manager - Science
Stevenson Heather - Conference and Events Organiser
Stewart Alison - Board member
Stewart Emma - Associate Professor
Steyaert Johanna - Research Officer
Streat Daryl - Head of Programme
Student Administration - Contact
Student Association (LUSA) - Student Association (LUSA)
Student Liaison - Student Liaison Contact
Sullivan Jon - Senior Lecturer in Ecology
Sun Jeff - Director of Greater China
Sundaralingam Ayingaran - Systems Engineer
Swaffield Simon - Professor of Landscape Architecture
Tait Peter - Senior Research Officer
Tavares Silvia - Assistant Lecturer
Tavinor Grant - Senior Lecturer
Taylor Fiona - Applications Group Manager
Taylor Hadrian - Learning Advisor (Information Delivery)
Taylor Nick - Adjunct Senior Lecture
Tee Claire - Financial Administrator
Templeton Matt - Theme Leader
Tescos Nicos - Senior Tutor
Teulon Dave - Director of Better Border Biosecurity (B3)
Thomas Anisha - Alumni and Development Officer
Thompson Jan - Content & Service Delivery Assistant (Interloans)
Thomson Jaime - Student Liaison Manager
Thurston Josh - PhD candidate
Tian Bin - Lecturer in Wine Science
Timetable Administrator - Timetable Administrator
Tipa Gail - Board member
Tiwari Sundar - PhD candidate
Tonner Joe - Employment Relations Specialist
Torky Amal - Department Secretary
Torres Mankiewicz Ursula Alicja - PhD Candidate
Tourtellot Samuel - PhD candidate
Trafford Guy - HOD for the Department of Land Management and Systems, Lecturer in Farm Management and Agribusiness
Trafford Sue - Lecturer in Business Communication
Trent Miles - Lecturer in Information Systems and Academic Programme Manager (Students)
Tritt Sarah - Research Advisor (Postgraduate Liaison)
Tylianakis Jason - Principal Investigator
Vallance Suzanne - Lecturer in Urban Studies
Van Dijk Judith - Tutor
Van Heerden Jakobus - Senior Lecturer
Vance Nancy - Lecturer
Vaughan Amy - PhD candidate
Verwoerd Wynand - Senior Lecturer
Vidwans Mohini - Lecturer
Vitousek Peter - International Science Advisory Panel Member
Voon Quck Choi - Database Administrator
Wainer Ralph - PhD candidate
Waipara Nick - Maori Champion
Wakelin Angela - Research Technician
Wakelin Steve - Researcher
Wales David - Senior Tutor University Studies
Walker Glen - Head of Department: Library and Information Services
Waller Lauren - Postdoctoral Fellow
Ward Julie - Administrator
Ward Maurice - Teaching Advisor (Educational Design)
Watson Connor - PhD candidate
Watson Heather - LHL catering manager
Webster-Brown Jenny - Director, Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management
Welford Anne - Postgraduate Administrator
Wesener Andreas - Senior Lecturer in Urban Design
Westbrooke Victoria - Senior Lecturer in Agricultural Management and Agribusiness
Whitehead Jay - Research Officer
Williams Lana - Undergraduate Administrator (Domestic)
Williams Nari - Researcher
Wilson Mark - Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management
Wilson Robyn - Faculty Postgraduate Administrator / Departmental Secretary
Wilson Sandy - Personal Assistant
Winefield Christopher - Senior Lecturer in Plant Molecular Biology
Winkworth Richard - Senior Lecturer
Winter David - Postdoctoral Fellow
Woodhead Ian - Chief Scientist and Group Manager of Lincoln Agritech’s Technology Group
Worner Sue - Honorary Associate Professor
Wratten Steve - Professor of Ecology
Yardley Jessica - PhD candidate
Yeung Patrick - International Operations Manager
Zahraie Babak - Research Data Analyst
Zhao Yanan - Digital Services Analyst
Zhou Huitong - Principal Research Officer
Lincoln University website redevelopment project 2014
Nick Goodey - C# back end and SharePoint Developer
Star Chen - Web Developer
Karaitiana Taiuru - Web Developer SharePoint administrator
Ting Wu - Front end Developer
Jeremy Baker - Senior managment
Tafflyn Bradford-James Marketing director
Richard Corby - Project manager
Pikselin - primary partner, web designers, UX design