Retrieved from The Spinoff, 09 February 2022

18 May 2022

This article features Professor Margaret Stanley, a researcher at Bioprotection Aotearoa.  Margaret shares her science communication project on weed management.

Margaret was one of 30 scientists and illustrators who participated in a “Drawing Science” workshop in 2021.  This event was hosted by the Science Media Centre and The Spinoff.  It was inspired by the successful collaboration between Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris that produced the now globally famous COVID 19 illustrations and gifs.

Scientists were asked to bring a science-specific concept or result they wanted to communicate.  Margaret has been struggling with how to effectively communicate best practices on weed management (based on excellent science).

So after some science and illustrator speed dating, Margaret was paired with illustrator, Pepper Racoon and the campaign to communicate wicked weed management began!


Professor Margaret Stanley (University of Auckland) is a researcher for Bioprotection Aotearoa.  Margaret specialises in ecology and terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystems.

Margaret is involved with the following research projects:

  • Pou 3 | Project 3.2: Designing future forestry – native nurseries or invader incubators (Researcher)