Retrieved from The New York Times, 08 March 2022

18 May 2022

The New York Times talks to our very own Dr. Nick Waipara and other Māori researchers about Māori led interventions to save kauri from kauri dieback.  Nick discusses the competitive system for scientific funding being directed towards the priorities of non-Māori researchers, making work on the disease “problematic, underfunded, piecemeal and ad hoc”.


Dr. Nick Waipara (Plant & Food Research) is a researcher for Bioprotection Aotearoa.  Nick specialises in plant pathology,  microbiology, ecology and evolution.

Nick is involved with the following research projects:

  • Pou 1 | Project 1.1: Multi-scaled integrators of ecosystem health (Researcher)
  • Pou 2 | Project 2.1: The mechanisms for microbiota-mediated protection (Researcher)
  • Pou 2 | Project 2.2: Genetic and genomic approaches to pest and pathogen control (Researcher)
  • Recloaking Papatūānuku | Mānuka me te kānuka (Co-lead)