Audrey Lustig

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PhD Candidate
+64 3 423 0977
+64 3 325 3864
Lincoln University, Burns 512

Audrey Lustig's research is directed toward challenging and refining fundamental hypotheses about species invasiveness (insects) and the dynamic of invasion. Audrey is developing a spatially explicit model using autonomous agent that allow us to represent the complex spatiotemporal interaction between the genetic, behaviour and ecology of individuals and their environment. The goal is to use emergent phenomena as mechanisms to solve behaviour problems. Currently being addressed is how biologically inspired concepts such as self-organization, evolution and learning can be used to determine how biological and genetic risk characteristics of some species interact with the abiotic environment and resource distribution to determine establishment success and spread in a changing environment.

Selected Publications: 

Lustig A., D.B. Stouffer, M. Roige and S. P. Worner. Towards more predictable and consistent landscape metrics across spatial scales, Ecological Indicators 57, 11–21 (2015).

Worner S. P., G. Lankin, A. Lustig, H. A. Narouei Khandan and S. D. Senay (2015) Being better than average: the application of computational intelligence in pest management and biosecurity. In R. M. Beresford, K. J. Froud, J. M. Kean and S. P. Worner (Eds). Proceedings of New Zealand Plant Protection Society Symposium, The plant protection data toolbox: On beyond t, F and chi. New Zealand Plant Protection Society Inc., NZ (accepted).

Gaucherel C., R. Frelat , A. Lustig, B. Rouy and P. Hubert (2015) Time-frequency analysis to profile hydrological regimes: Application to Haiti, Hydrological Sciences Journal (accepted).