Marie-Caroline Lefort

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+64 9 373 7599
The University of Auckland, Thomas Building 334
Qualifications and affiliations: 
MSc (University of Angers, France), PhD (Lincoln University)

During her PhD study, Marie-Caroline investigated the reason why some plant-eating insects sometimes reach the status of invader within their own native range following land-use changes.  

Marie-Caroline is currently a postdoctoral researcher of the Bio-Protection Research Centre based at the University of Auckland. She is examining the structure of aphid-based food-webs by analysing cabbage-aphid mummies collected world-wide and using a range of molecular ecology approaches.

Marie-Caroline is also a part-time lecturer at Unitec (Auckland).

Selected Publications: 

Lefort M-C (2015) Funding dreams. Science 350 (6256), 30-31.

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Lefort M-C, Worner SP, Rostas M, Vereijsen J & Boyer S (2015) Responding positively to plant defences, a candidate key trait for invasion success in phytophagous insects. New Zealand Journal of Ecology (in press) 39:1.

Lefort M-C, Brown SDJ, Boyer S, Worner SP & Armstrong K (2014) The PGI enzyme system and fitness response to temperature as a measure of environmental tolerance in an invasive species. PeerJ 2:e676.

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Lefort M-C, Barrat B, Marris J & Boyer S (2013) Combining molecular and morphological approaches to differentiate the pest Costelytra zealandica (White) (Coleoptera: Scarabeidae: Melolonthinae) from the non-pest Costelytra brunneum (Broun) at the larval stage. New Zealand Entomologist 36, 15-21.

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