Marona Rovira Capdevila

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PhD Candidate
+64 3 423 0932
Lincoln University, Burns 512a
Qualifications and affiliations: 
BSc, MRes, MEd

Marona Rovira Capdevila has a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of Girona (Spain); two MRes in Based and Applied Ecology from the University of Barcelona (Spain); and a Master of Education in Teacher Training Secondary School, specialising in Biology and Geology, also from the University of Barcelona (Spain).

After the completion of her last master's degree Marona worked as a research assistant on ecotoxicology projects in the Ecology Department at the University of Girona.

Here in the Centre, Marona is supervised by Assoc Prof Susan Worner, Dr Craig Phillips (AgResearch) and Dr Eckehard Brockerhoff (Scion), and funded by the Networking on Environmental Safety & Sustainability Initiative for Engineering (NESSIE) Project.

Her PhD is investigating how to match invasive species to invaded environments using climate, habitat and phylogeny.