Ursula Torres

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PhD Candidate
+64 3 325 3864
Lincoln University, Burns 512a
Qualifications and affiliations: 
BSc, MSc (Hons)

Ursula Torres gained her BSc and two MSc (Hons) in Ecology and Modelling at Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse, France). She has a diverse backgound with interests in conservation biology.

Ursula was part of a European project (CAFNET) where she studied the impact of coffee management on cavity nesting birds in Western Ghats (India). She then joined the French National Institute for Agricultureal Research (INRA) and worked on biotic interactions in saproxylic beetles.

At the Centre, Ursula is supervised by Assoc Prof Sue Worner. Her PhD project is modelling global distributions and risk of establishment of invasive freshwater invertebrates and is funded by the NESSIE Project.