20 July 2021

Lincoln University is offering a unique PhD scholarship funded through Bioprotection Aotearoa, a national Centre of Research Excellence.  The purpose is to explore the social science, social psychology, political science, economics, and/or governance aspects of bioprotection and the environment.

The aim of this PhD is to explore the social science of bioprotection and the environment.  This could include:

  • the adoption by regional councils and national government of effective social, economic and governance strategies developed in this project to enable landowners and agriculturalists to cope with bioprotection challenges associated with future uncertainty, particularly those associated with climate change;
  • indigenous co-governance of native species;
  • models and processes of governance for the natural environment under conditions of change and uncertainty, and with multiple actors;
  • social and economic governance tools to enhance resilience of productive and conservation ecosystems;
  • behavioural psychology and individual drivers of behavioural change;
  • pro-environmental decision-making under conditions of uncertainty;
  • meso-distal sociological  and cultural influences on bioprotection and pro-environmental behaviour;
  •  analysis of social networks;
  • social influences on healthy ecosystems, including perceived and actual socio-economic and governance influences on biosecurity in Aotearoa-New Zealand;
  • or concepts that will contribute to efficient, effective and equitable actions and pathways for maintaining a healthy ecosystem over time and under uncertainty using test cases chosen in consultation with other researchers in Bioprotection Aotearoa.
  • any combination of the topics listed above.

Projects will draw on and collaborate with other parts of the overall Bioprotection Aotearoa research programme.

Applicants for this project are expected to have qualifications in economics, social science, geography, environmental studies, environmental science, or any of the cognitive and behavioural sciences (psychology, economics, etc.).

Prior to undertaking this scholarship, successful applicants will have to meet the entry requirements to undertake PhDs at Lincoln University which can be found here: Postgraduate Entry Requirements | Lincoln University and have received a conditional offer of admission. Successful applicants will need to be onshore in New Zealand before the nominated start date of the scholarship.

To apply for this position email: [email protected] or [email protected]