Te Taiao-a-rangi

Te Taiao-a-rangi is a framework that honours our whakapapa, unites our CoRE as a community, and gives direction to our operations and research. The roof of our whare is Ranginui, the sky father. The foundation of our whare is Papatūānuku, mother earth.

Our whare is upheld by three pou, or pillars that represent our key research themes:

  • Pou 1: Titirangi | piercer of the heavens

Guides our research to define a healthy, productive ecosystem.

  • Pou 2: Poutokomanawa | the heartbeat of the whare

Guides our research to defend against pathogens, pests, weeds and climate change.

  • Pou 3: Nuku-a-rangi | shifting throughout the heavens

Guides our research to design ecosystems that are more resilient and resistant.

Extending across our whare is the foundation “Recloaking Papatūānuku”. This guides our research to weave the science and innovation embedded in mātauranga Māori and Pasifika indigenous knowledge.

The roof of our whare is held up by our three pou, protecting us from any threats that may arise.

Within our whare, our people are guided by our kawa (protocols), unique tikanga (best practice) and values as a CoRE. Our whare promotes healthy people and healthy whenua, contributing to improved environmental, economic and social outcomes for future generations.