19 July 2021

Creating the new brand and logo for Bioprotection Aotearoa was a collaborative effort, involving many different people with many different roles in the new Centre of Research Excellence.

It started with a one-day branding workshop involving researchers, directors, kāhui, and admin team members, from which we created a kaupapa positioning strategy. We then briefed a designer.

Designer Kim Hickford produced three alternatives, each emphasising a different aspect of Bioprotection Aotearoa’s kaupapa.

The logo we chose, with significant input from our Co-Chair Henare Edwards and the kāhui, is based on the three pou, or pillars of key research for Bioprotection Aotearoa. Each pou is a stylised koru shape to represent growth and strength. The three pou stand proudly, almost like people or sentinels, each one gaining strength from its neighbour, quietly guarding the environment.

The curve stretching across the bottom represents the foundation of the whare, Papatūānuku, mother Earth.

Our logo encapsulates the essence of Bioprotection Aotearoa – working collaboratively to tackle the bioprotection challenges we face and protect our environment.