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How to Hack a Hackathon with Dr. Franca Buelow

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Franca Buelow

“Science – Research, to me is the ultimate endeavour to stay curious, learn and evolve…How fun and satisfying is it to explore solutions to problems, to innovate, talk about and to connect.” – Dr. Franca Buelow (Postdoctoral Fellow Pou 3.3)

Focusing on the principles of change management, Dr. Franca Buelow has always had a keen interest to understand what drives people and organisations to adapt. On the 11th of May, Franca is leading a masterful blend of research, practice, and collaboration in a hackathon for Bioprotection Aotearoa (BA).

Held at B.linc Innovation, Lincoln University, the hackathon is a one-day sprint-like event, where attendees form teams, and will be exposed to a problem or challenge that requires an interactive way to solve a problem.

This hackathon will challenge attendees to bring the concept of impact to the forefront of their thinking, and collectively find ways to create, plan and sustain impact in creative ways.

Through this process attendees will learn to better understand the dynamics of change and more importantly ways to connect. “To explore impact, what do we mean by impact? How can we approach it, plan for it and create impact in and with our own work?” asks Franca.

“Our one-day mini-hackathon is packed with opportunities to explore purpose, vision, mātauranga, networking and relationship building, funding, communication and storytelling, outreach to stakeholders, policymakers and ultimately end-users.”

Franca is no stranger to hackathons, after being involved in these events as a mentor and organiser both here in Aotearoa and her homeland, in Germany. “I’ve always loved hackathons because they allow you to approach problems as a team; you go home tired and energised at the same time, you innovate and create, you talk and think. It’s a bubbly, energetic way to create and explore ideas,” says Franca.

The event also promises a unique experience for both researchers and mentors who are attending. “Food is essential, movement is essential, and looking for a balance between high-input, high alert modes as well as insightful breathing spaces with a gentler pace. We are currently working with a Tai Chi teacher who can help us regulate and focus,” Franca says.

Understanding our decisions and pathways for adaptation has always sparked Franca’s fascination, and has helped her to work in interdisciplinary contexts that is people-focused. Franca is eager to facilitate this event that brings different people together,  accross varied stages in their career and across disciplines in a creative and dynamic way.

“I’d also love to help translate findings in a creative way, where science and story come together to motivate and encourage. I hope that the event will empower all members of Bioprotection Aotearoa to embrace impact in their work and then hopefully collaborate to co-create impact in the future” says Franca.

For more information and to register your attendance, head over to our Eventbrite page  click here >